tl:dr - Carnival (Faschings) is celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Faschings is celebrated in various levels inside Germany and in Bamberg, the entire town comes out for a parade starting at 13:33, filled with tractors, candy, and fun.

Bamberg, Germany celebrates carnival in full force and 2024 was no different.

Each year, Bamberg has their Faschingsumzug (carnival parade) on Shrove Tuesday, the day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

The parade begins promptly (thanks, Germany) at 13:33, starting in Marienplatz, and continues along Kapuzinerstraße, Lange Straße, Schönleinsplatz, Willy-Lessing-Straße, Heinrichsdamm, Hauptwachstraße to Maxplatz.

We live a short 5 minute walk to Marienplatz, and rolled up to our traditional spot sporting a minecraft zombie (West), Ninja Jack and a cranky JunieB who was scheduled to be Hulk, but instead only put on a hat and rocked what we called the Farmer Yumi.

Celebrating Carnival (Faschings) in Bamberg, Germany - 2024 Edition