Meet The Knapps

Jessica (41) - Mom

Proud Yooper. Management consultant by day, world's best travel planner by night. Lives to explore and be on the move. An amazing host, baker and cook. Makes Bamberg's best brunch and hosts 40 people for our annual Bamberg Thanksgiving.
Loves: Running, planning adventures, A good glass of wine, being at our camp, The Green Bay Packers, Dubliner cheese.

Ryan (40) - Dad

Buffalo born and raised. A builder and jack of all trades (thanks ADHD). Once a linguist, lower-league soccer team owner, ultramarathon coach and now working in sales in the travel tech industry. Packs the suitcases and carries the bags.
Loves: Running, The Buffalo Bills, building things, Bamberg beer, Liquorice, Jess's chilli, Jess's brunch, Jess's Chicken Soup, Jess's Mushroom Omelets (basically anything Jess cooks).

West (8) - The OG Knapp and our forever guide

Visited his first bar when he was four days old. His outgoing personality, fluent German, and flowing locks have lead us in our adventures since the beginning.
Loves: Rocket League, Judo, Soccer, Minecraft, Apples, the Green Bay Packers, days off from school, reading.

Jack (6) - The storyteller and engineer.

If it works, he wants to know how (and he'll find out). Wears his emotions on his sleeve. Famously asked at Disney World, “Is this the happy place?”
Loves: The Buffalo Bills, Minecraft, Train rides, Jack-And-Dad Adventures, Mac 'n Cheese, Basement Cookies, Swimming, JunieB.

June (3) - Simply JunieB. Fearless.

Our free-spirited adventurer who is always the first to get out the door. Independent and confident. If she wants eggs, you give them to her. Don't ask questions.
Loves: Her brothers, Paw Patrol, riding her bike, scrambled eggs, little chocolate muffins, throwing board games on the floor, swings

Together, we’ve lived in

  • Denver, Colorado,
  • Boston, Mass,
  • Hull, Mass,
  • Melrose, Mass
  • Ishpeming, Michigan and
  • Currently - Bamberg, Germany.