Our Story

Lenggries, Germany - November 2023

Ryan and Jess met in January 2013 on a group run in Denver, Colorado.

Jess (an avid runner, hiker, and explorer) had been living and working in Colorado for more than a year after a long stint in Chicago. Ryan had just moved to Estes Park, Colorado from Kansas City to coach ultrarunners, meet women and run in the mountains.

Ryan was coming off of an injury and thought it would be a two mile, casual run. When he found out that it would instead be 10 miles, he had a choice to make.

Cut the run short, or follow the funny, interesting and cute woman he just met.

Those 10 miles were the first of thousands of miles we've ran together in the last eleven years.

The infamous run in Washington Park in Denver, Colorado (us on the right)

Our First Adventure

Early on in our relationship, we were lying in bed on a Saturday morning and Jess got an email from Groupon (remember those?) advertising a weekend getaway at a Bed and Breakfast in Ridgway, Colorado plus skiing in nearby Telluride.

With an accidental tap of the "Buy Now" button - Jess booked our first adventure and a few weeks later, we fell in love with Ridgway and with each other.

So much so that on December, 13, 2014, we packed the same Bed and Breakfast in Ridgway,said "I Do." and the Knapps became official.