The Best Playgrounds in Bamberg, Germany

Visiting Bamberg, Germany with kids, you have to know where to find an awesome playground. 

Luckily, we have three kids AND Bamberg has some of the coolest playgrounds available to entertain kids and parents alike. 

Many of these playgrounds also have small “kiosks” - or restaurants where parents can grab a drink, a small bite to eat (cafe und kuchen) or an ice cream on a warm day.

Some of the playgrounds have water available for a swim or for kids to play, especially in the warmer months when the water pumps are turned on.

The German word for Playground is "Spielplatz"


An d. Spinnerei 17, 96047 Bamberg

ERBA-Insel (ERBA-Island) is one of the coolest places for kids in Bamberg, because it features not only the biggest playground in the city, but also has an extensive grass area for sports and a water playground, plus basketball courts, sand volleyball and table tennis.

It's our kids's favorite spot in town and Jess remembers seeing this playground on on our first visit to Bamberg while she was out on a run!

Sams in Glück Spielplatz

Sams in Glück is the name of the playground in ERBA-Insel. The playground features a three story slide with climbing area, closed slides, crazy bridges, trampolines and more. There is plenty of places to play for young kids (like JunieB) and even kids much older.

If you want to play soccer or have space to run around, there are two big grassy areas just beside the playground itself. We play baseball and football here, and in the summer, it's a great place to spread a blanket for a picnic.

Water Playground at ERBA-Insel

The water playground at ERBA is our kids's favorite in the summer. The artifically diverted stream forms a circle (with actual current like a river) - that is about two feet deep. Note: The rocks can be sharp, so water shoes are good here!

There are tons of water toys for kids to play with, including a zip line over the stream itself. In the summers, kids bring all sorts of boats, buckets and things to play with.

You'll see plenty of parents dipping their feet in as well as the water is always on the cool side.

In the summer, it can get VERY busy, so just be prepared. There is not a lot of seating, so best to bring a towel to sit on.

Eat and Drink: There is a cafe at ERBA-Insel called Zeiten & Wunder, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. They have typical snacks, cakes and also beer and wine for the parents.

In the summer, there is a small kiosk out back where you can buy popsicles for the kids.

Just next to the playground there is a coffee/brunch shop BASECOFFEE Bamberg.

Bathrooms: Located inside Zeiten & Wunder and a standalone building open only in the Spring and Summer (with a cost of 50 cents!)

Spielplatz im Domgrund

Im Domgrund, 96049 Bamberg

Spielplatz im Domgrund has an absolutely incredible view of the Bamberger Dom (Bamberg Cathedral). It’s a fairly short walk from the downtown area of Bamberg and a great place for the whole family. 

The playground consists of an upper and lower section. The lower section has the typical slides, swings and plenty of sand. Plus a ping-pong/table tennis table. 

The upper area acts as a sort of ropes course, with plenty of places for the kids to tire themselves out. 

It's very shaded, so in the summer you can have a bit of a break if it's a super warm day and it's off the beaten path - so no big worries about cars or any traffic.

Eat and Drink: No kiosk available.

Bathroom: There are no bathrooms, so a bush or tree will have to do for the kids!

Spielplatz Harmoniegarten

Zinkenwörth, 96047 Bamberg

Spielplatz Harmoniegarten is a cute little playground tucked in super close to Langestrasse and Bamberg city center.

This playground has a couple places for parents to sit and a typical German playground setup with sand, a slide, climbing area, and a Vogelnest-Schaukeln.

There is also a small area for real little ones to play by themselves.

It's a great place to escape to for the kids to run off some energy and for parents to catch a quick break without having to go far.

Food and Drink: Right in front is Boulevard Cafe Luitpold, with indoor/outdoor seating and plenty of options. Also nearby are plenty of bakeries and Rewe (a grocery store) right on Langestrasse in case you want to pick up a few things to eat there.

Bathrooms: Inside Boulevard Cafe Luitpold (enter on the playground side, go down the stairs).


Hainstraße 39, 96047 Bamberg

Hain-Spielplatz is a favorite for many in Bamberg because of it's location inside Hainpark, the biggest of Bamberg's city parks which has a botanical garden, plenty of walking paths and a swimming pool/bathing area (Hainbadstelle), which has existed since 1812.

The playground has plenty of places for the kids to play, including swings, slides, climbing areas, zipline, and a water pump for kids to play with in the summer.

There is a soccer field, basketball court, and table tennis for kids to play alongside and a grassy open area for blankets and relaxing.

Hain-Spielplatz gets BUSY in the summer and there are only two tables available for sitting - so bring a blanket or something to spread out.

Food and Drink: Boothaus Restaurant im Hain - Google Maps -, a classic beer garden on the Regnitz River with typical German meals and plenty of drinks to choose from. Sit in or order to go.

Kiosk Hainer - Operated by the same team from Kiosk Kunni. Open only in Spring/Summer.

Bathrooms: At the Boothaus (go in the beer garden outdoor entrance, turn left and walk towards the back).

Spielplatz-Kiosk Kunni

Website | Kunigundendamm 67, 96050 Bamberg

"The Kiosk", Kunni. A Bamberg institution and a super popular place for everyone in town - so much so that we have a standing Stammtisch on Thursday evenings with our friends.

Located right on the main bike path out of Bamberg, Kiosk Kunni is a very busy spot, loved by kids and parents alike. Busy pretty much any time of the year.

The playground is next to Kunni and has the typical swings, slides, a few other toys and a new water pump/fountain for the kids when it's warm.

There are a few benches inside the playground, but the majority of parents sit on the rock walls on the outside and visit.

This playground is fully enclosed with a small door in and out to protect the little ones from the bike path.

If you want some more space to play soccer or toss a frisbee, there is a large grassy area right next door.

There is outdoor seating on either side of the Kiosk, but it does fill up quickly!

Food and Drink: Kiosk Kunni - What the Kiosk is known for. The Falafel and Fries are our favorite. Get a cold beer in the summer, and also visit for a warm Glühwein in the winter. Plenty of cakes and coffee to choose from as well.
Note: Kunni is normally closed the month of February for winter pause.

You are able to order food from Kunni and eat/drink inside the playground.

Rewe to Go - a gas-station/convience store located nearby in case you want to stock up on larger quantities of beer/wine. 😄

Bathrooms: Public bathrooms right next to Kunni are available and open NORMALLY from sunrise to sunset.